Step 4:

Ensure the image has loaded correctly on all mobile device pages by going to each of the relevant device logos at the top of the "Editor" page.  


Review the image, if its it is ok - You're done. If not you can either move the image (click here) or adjust the framing (click here) of the image to suit the device.

Fig. 1.4

Step 5:

Once you are happy that you have replaced the image correctly on each device - select the green "Publish" button in the top right hand side of the editor. Wait for the platform to publish, and when a white box appears with the site domain, click on it to see your fine handy work!

Fig. 1.5

Step 3:

Locate your file/s on the computer and select the "Open" button. This will now upload and replace the original image selected.


There are two more important steps once uploaded:

1. Change the framing of the image? Go here to learn how to adjust the picture by using the "framing tool"


2. Add important SEO information. By adding a Meta Title and image description, this will help rank your page higher on google. Its not essential, but highly reccommended as best practice to get the most out of your Sports Club website.

Fig. 1.3

Step 2:

A file selection box will appear. If you have already uploaded the image, you will find it here in "My Images and Files". If you haven't uploaded the image, go to the right upper side of this box and select "Select Files" - this will take you to your computer files.

Fig. 1.2

Fig. 1.1

Step 1:

Before you change an image, ensure the image that you are replacing has been converted to a WEBP file (this will ensure that the image loads faster with high quality). Click here to learn how to do this. It is also advisable that the image matches the same aspect ratio as the one you are replacing. Click here to learn more. 


In order to change an image, click on the image, a small wheel will appear in one of the corners of the image. Click on the wheel and select "Change Image". 


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